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Alaska in September 13th to 19th, 2007

Anchorage - September 18:  Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC)


Map to the location (from the website):

Map to the ANHC


Performance Dance  Performance Dance


Looking out from the Center toward displays 



Athabascan    Athabascan


Yupik / Cupik  Yupik / Cupik

Yupik / Cupik   Yupik / Cupik


Yupik / Cupik  Yupik / Cupik

Yupik / Cupik   Yupik / Cupik

Yupik / Cupik


 Inupiaq - Yupik    Inupiaq - Yupik

  Inupiaq - Yupik   Inupiaq - Yupik - Wanda at Whale Bone Arch 

  Inupiaq - Yupik  


Aleut - Alutiq     Aleut - Alutiq - whale skeleton

 Aleut - Alutiq    Aleut - Alutiq

Aleut - Alutiq - looking back across the water   Aleut - Alutiq


Eyak - Tlingit - Haida - Tsimshian   Eyak - Tlingit - Haida - Tsimshian 

 Eyak - Tlingit - Haida - Tsimshian - tools   Eyak - Tlingit - Haida - Tsimshian - entrance to shelter



Canoe inside the ANHC 


Figure in front of the ANHC   Entrance to the ANHC

 Entrance to the ANHC




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