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London, England - Lille and Marne La Vallee, France

October 12, 2008 - Train Station and Bus Area


Pictures from the EuroStar area:


People entering the EuroStar waiting area (left) after going through the Immigration area (right).



Escalator going up to the train platform (left) and view of the platform and another train from inside a train (right).


EuroStar Train ride from London to Lille:


Inside the train car (left) and leaving the St. Pancras International station (right).



Country-side with fog after leaving London, but before entering the Channel Tunnel (left).  First thing seen after leaving the Channel Tunnel in France (right).


Pictures from the Lille Train Station:


Front entrance to Lille Train Station (left) and looking out the front glass wall into Lille (right).



Main terminal area (all three pictures above).



Train arriving into the station (left) and loading platform (right).



This board is used to identify the trains that are leaving and where they area going.  The first two columns are the time (hour and minutes), the third column is the destination.  The third column from the right is the type of train (EuroStar, TGV, etc.), the second column from the right is the train number, and the last column on the right is the platform that has been assigned (usually 10-20 minutes before the train leaves).  The other columns in-between the ones already described help identify the entrance to the platform for the class of seats bought.  This board is actually from Gore du Nord in Paris, but is being used as an example here.




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