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Marne La Vallee, France

October 15, 2008 - Lion King


Pictures from the Legend of the Lion King show:

This show is located in Videopolis sharing the building with the Cafe Hyperion.  The Legend of the Lion King is a 30-minute show that alternates in English and French when playing.  The line for the show started near the main entrance to the Videopolis.  We entered the line about 40 minutes before the show and the seats were about 1/2 full when we entered after they let the line in.  This is an extremely popular show for this park.


Stage before the show (left) with a countdown monitor on either side showing in French, English, and several other languages (right).


Title on a fog curtain at the start of the show (right) with Rafiki (the shaman) starting the story (right).  The story is a retelling of Simba's life to Simba

who is an animatronic character to the left of the stage and shown later.  In the story being told, he is played by a human in a lion custome.



Timon shown on the left with the appearance of the humanized version of Simba on the left.


Zazu, the hornbill, is also animatronic character (left) with Timon talking to Nala (Simba's later mate) with Simba standing behind them.



Simba's Uncle Scar appears after the killing of Mufasa (Simba's father) along with the laughing hyenas (left).


The animatronic Simba (left) with Zazu and Timon on the left side of the stage along with the animatronic Pumbaa the warthog (right) from the right side of the stage.



The famous Hakuna Matata song (right) with Simba and Nala meeting and falling in love (left).


Mufasa looks down on Simba and Rafiki (left) with the battle beginning (right)



Simba and Scar fighting (left) and the battle is over (right).


Finale of the story.



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