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Marne La Vallee, France

October 15, 2008 - Salon Mickey


Pictures from Salon Mickey:


Entrance to the Salon Mickey is to the left of the Customer Service windows, but to the right of the group entrance.  This is located to the right of the Disneyland Hotel before entering the park itself, but after going through the bag check.


Mickey shaped items are part of the food offered.  All the food and drinks were free to members of the Shareholder's Club.

The door was locked when we first tried it, but one of the cast members came out of it while we were standing there trying to figure out what we needed to do.  He let us in and we found out we were supposed to knock and the cast member at the desk just inside would come and let us in.  The cast member took our membership card and our tickets for the day and showed us the waiting area with the drinks and food.  She then went to the group  entrance booths and ran our tickets through so that we didn't have to wait in line.   Once we finished getting drinks and food, we went back to her and she returned the tickets and card to us.  We then went out a private entrance into the park and continued with our visit.




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