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Paris, France

October 17, 2008 - Cathedrale Notre Dame


Pictures from the Cathedrale Notre Dame:


Full exterior shots of the cathedral.  Wanda in the picture on the right.



Statues in the plaza in front of Notre Dame.


















Various exterior shots with close-ups of the statues and other architecture.


Entrance to the cathedral.



Interior pictures of the cathedral.



St. Joan of Arc (1412-1431).  Born in Lamaine, burned alive in Rouen as a heretic and a witch.  The decision to rehabilitate her reputation was made in this Cathedral.



Madonna and child (center) as seen in the Hunchback of Notre Dame movie.






Interior of the cathedral.


Coin medallion machines for souvenirs



The Crown of Light or Great Chandelier of the transept crossing.  It was removed from its location for restoration during recent refurbishment works in the choir.



Model of Notre Dame.



Cathedral as you are approaching the exit.







Decorations around the exit in front.






Pictures of the right side of Notre Dame if walking from the front.




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