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Paris, France

October 17, 2008 - Sainte-Chapelle


Pictures from the Sainte-Chapelle Church:

Entrance to the security check point before going into the area the church is located.  The church is inside the Palais De Justice.

This is a 13th century church built in Gothic architectural style to house Jesus' Thorn of Crowns (which are housed in the Notre-Dame Treasury now).  This church is known for its stained glass windows containing over 1,100 Bible scenes.




Entrance into the church.  The ticket booth is on the left-had side shown in the far left picture where the line is.  The Paris Museum Pass covered the entrance, so we did not wait in line.




Lower chapel pictures where booths are set up to sell to tourists.  Now climb the stairs to the upper chapel.






The upper chapel with the majority of scenes and high altar for the crown.


Bad picture, but this was a narrow stairs that you had to go up and down on.  Had very small steps.



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