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October 20, 2008 - Various Pictures


Pictures from the day:

Entrance to the Millennium Bridge from the south side of River Thames as we approached from the Mansion House station.  You can see the workers on the bridge.



The Millennium Bridge seen from Blackfriars Bridge.



The Millennium Bridge from the Tate Modern side.  Second picture has one of the school groups leaving from the museum.


Blackfriars Bridge used for train, vehicular, and foot traffic.


Tate Modern as seen from the south side of River Thames.



Big spider exhibit in the main hall of the Tate Modern  Those are bunk beds set up on the lower floor - guess a school group was staying the night.



Australia House




The exterior of Temple Church.  The last photo shows parts of both the Round Church and the Chancel.


Map of the Temple Church.  Part of the exhibit inside the Round Church.




The effigy tombs made famous in The Da Vinci Code.



Plaques of honor for those members of the Inner and Middle Temples who have died in battle.  These show members from the 1st and 2nd World Wars.



Large views of the inside of the Round Church.



Pictures from the inside of the Chancel.



The Royal Courts of Justice.






Various pictures and views from the walks of the day.




Trafalgar Square with the Nelson's Column showing Lord Nelson standing on a column while gazing toward Trafalgar where he lost his life.  The top row middle picture shows the National Gallery in the background.  A band was performing in the square in front of the National Gallery.



The National Gallery.  It was dry when we arrived, but raining when we left.


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