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London, England

October 21, 2008 - Tower of London


Pictures from the Tower of London:





Side seen from the tube approach.



Walk way from the Tower Hill tube station to Tower of London grounds.


Ticket center as you approach from the Tower Hill tube station.



Views in front of the Welcome Center.



Church and store behind the Welcome Center and ticket area.



Exhibits in the Welcome Center.  The crowns are reproductions.



Surrounding buildings.



City Hall across the River Thames from the Tower of London.




Various outside pictures.


Sign for the gathering point of the Beefeater's (or Yeoman Warder) guided tour.



Tower Bridge over the River Thames.  Many mistake it for the London Bridge.




Boat dock on the River Thames.


The Gherkin at 30 St. Mary Axe.  This is a skyscraper in London's financial district.  Some people in London seem to find it ugly and out of place.













Various pictures from the guided tour.



The Chapel Royal of St. Peter and Vincula is the parish church of the Tower of London (left) and the location of executions on Tower Green (right).  Only seven people were executed here and they were then buried in the chapel.  No photography was allowed inside the chapel and it can only be accessed through the guided tours.

Most of those held in the Tower and then executed were done outside the Tower complex or on nearby Tower Hill.



The Ravens of the London of Tower.  The cages on the left and middle ensure that there are eight Ravens in residence at all times.  Wild ravens do roam the grounds (right).





The Jewel Tower where the crown jewels are kept.  No photography allowed inside.






Touring the White Tower.



Painting of the guided tours from the 1800's.



More pictures from the White Tower.



Largest and smallest armour.  The tall one was worn by for "John of Gaunt" in 1535 who was 6' 9" tall and was a son of Edward III.  The smallest is for "Richard, Duke of York" in 1630 and was 3' 1.5" tall, but may have been a trail piece fpr Charles I, but was listed as the armour of Richard, who was one of the princes supposedly murdered in the Tower.  It also may be that of Jeffrey Hudson, the dwarf of Henrietta Maria, queen of Charles I.









More displays in the White Tower.



Hands-on exhibits in the White Tower.





Finishing up the White Tower.




The Bloody Tower where the sons of Edward IV were imprisoned by their Uncle Richard III following the death of their father.  The princes were believed to have been murdered in the tower.  Richard was then crowned King of England.



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