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London, England

October 25, 2008 - London Zoo


Pictures from the London Zoo:


Zoo Entrance.



Direction signs (left and middle) along with a snack location (right).





First stop was the Aquarium.



The next stop is probably the most recognized place in the London Zoo - the Amphibian & Reptile House.



This is the reason for it being so famous of a location.






The rest of the reptile house.




Gorilla Kingdom across from the Reptile House




Large bird exhibits.


We then went to a bird and animal show that the London Zoo puts on.  Underneath the ropes stretched throughout the show area are benches painted yellow.  This is a warning that you might not want to sit on those benches as some people found out during the show.
















Interesting show that was worth seeing.  They concentrated on talking about relationships of man with the animals.



Art exhibit outside one of the gift stores.



The penguins at the zoo.



Butterfly exhibit.  The humidity inside clouded up the camera, so no pictures are available from inside.



Tree in the zoo that was a little different.



Globe sundial.



Patagonian Mara - rodent from Argentina.



This was a walk-through area exhibit with small monkeys and other animals inside it.



This clock was at the entrance to the Blackburn Pavilion - the birdhouse.  More about it following the displays inside.


Toucan at the Blackburn Pavilion.



Blue-crowned Lory



Roulroul Partridge




Various other birds.


And now for the clock.


The clock starts with a blue bird showing in the cage at the right, a covered platter on the left, eight small birds in the middle display case, and the two toucans at the bottom.  Notice in the middle picture that there is nothing showing on top of the clock or on the buildings name.



The hour strikes and the man lifts up the platter covering revealing a green bird.



The eight birds in the display start disappearing and reappearing at various locations.  One shows on top of the Top Hat that the man is wearing.  Another shows on the chest of the woman.  A couple start appearing on the sides of the clock.



The cage of the blue bird opens and the green bird disappears behind the clock.



The green and blue birds begin circling the clock.





The other four small birds in the display case have appeared on the sign above the building.  The toucans have moved to the top of the clock.



The clock resets at the end.



Outdoor toy across from the clock.



Zoo World - indoor location for some of the animals during cold weather.



Bearded Pig exhibit.





Komodo Dragon exhibits.





The Australian Outback exhibit.



Red River Hogs in Africa.



African Hunting Dogs.  


Entrance to the Rainforest Lookout building.










Various animals inside the Rainforest.





We left after grabbing lunch at the Oasis Cafe and walked through Regent's Park on our way to Abbey Road. 



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