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London, England

October 26, 2008 - Natural History Museum


Pictures from the Natural History Museum:

We went to the Natural History Museum the first thing in the morning.  However, we soon discovered that it was a popular location this day since it was raining outside.  We stayed for about an hour and then decided to try the Victoria & Albert Museum just across the road.  Turned out to be a better decision with somewhat less crowds.

Rick Steves' book had suggested bypassing the long line at the front entrance and going into the rear entrance instead.  This meant only a five minute wait through security instead of at least 30 minutes.



Left - escalator to the top floor.  Middle - the Earth Shop at the rear of the museum.  Right - a cafe where we go some drinks and snacks later.



This is a world globe that you have to pass through going up the escalator.



Looking back from the escalator at the rear of the museum.




Pictures from inside the earth globe.


Reaching the top of the escalator.




One of the first exhibits was on earthquakes.  The Kobe Supermarket is a recreation of a small market where the floor shakes as if an earthquake is happening.


Looking back down at the escalator and earth globe from the upper floor.



Wall exhibit on small birds.




Various exhibits on prehistoric sea creatures.




The Creepy Crawlies exhibit was popular with kids.


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