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Florida from January 12th to 18th, 2008


The trip involved a business trip to Cocoa, FL from January 15-18, 2008.  I added a side trip to DisneyWorld beforehand.   It turned out that the Disney Marathon was ran on January 13th and I ended up seeing portions of it while at EPCOT.


January 12 (Saturday) - Houston, TX and Orlando, FL

Map of DisneyWorld

Marathon Brochure

January 13 (Sunday) and January 14 (Monday) - DisneyWorld

January 15 (Tuesday) - drive from Orlando to Cocoa

January 16 (Wednesday) - Cocoa

January 17 (Thursday) - Cocoa and Titusville

January 18 (Friday) - Cocoa, FL; Orlando, FL; Houston, TX



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