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University of Houston - Courtney Beard's graduation - December 18, 2009


This event involved our daughter, Courtney Beard, receiving her degree at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.  Courtney received a dual degree in Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Psychology.

   Courtney Beard


Family attending the graduation ceremony included:


   University of Houston Graduation Ceremony 2009  Commencement schedule

Graduation commencement book with schedule.



Before graduation starts; orchestra playing


Processional into the stadium.


Graduation ceremony starts; President of the university welcomes guests.


Lighting was low, so pictures were not great.  Courtney is in the center of each picture.


William P. Hobby, Jr. speaks (center picture).


Courtney in line to get diploma.


Changing faculty as they start the Liberal Arts college.


Courtney is 2nd in this line (left and center).  Shaking hands with the President of the university (right).


Courtney after walking on stage - exact center of the pictures

Graduates and guests singing "Alma Mater" - hands in air with the school gesture


Nancy, Courtney, Melanie


Matt, Courtney, Conner, Wanda 


Diane, Courtney, Mike 

Conner, Diane, Courtney, Mike 


Courtney with her graduation cake. 



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