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Rosenheim, Austria

June 3, 2010 - Rosenheim Hbf


Pictures from the Rosenheim Hbf:




Platforms for the Rosenheim Hbf where we had to change trains going from Salzburg to Innsbruck.  On the train going from Innsbruck to Munich, later in the day, we didn't change trains, but we did stop here.



Stairs and elevator to the underground passage area (left).  Information of all arrivals and departures for the station (right).



Listing showing the trains that use Platform 5, times they depart, notes, major stops, layout of the trains versus the platform.



Closer pictures of the one above.



Legend of the train layouts shown in the picture above.



Platform area (left) and Service Point for assistance (right).


Glass walls blocking the wind around a few benches on the platform.



Sign for platform 5 giving the time, train next to arrive (EC 85), major stops of the train, final destination (Bologna, Italy), and layout of the cars based on sections (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) of the platform.  First class would be section A, dining car is section B, and the rest of the train is sections C through G.


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