Beard Family Trips & Vacations

Innsbruck, Austria

June 3, 2010 - Swarovski Crystal World


Pictures from the Swarovski Crystal World:


Bus stop signs.  Had to wait for the bus with "PB" at 1 PM.  Bought the tickets at the tourism office inside the Hbf, but several people bought directly from the driver.



Picture of the bus we used to get to the Crystal World.  It made another stop in Innsbruck before continuing to the location.



Picture of the town (left) and inside the bus (right).



Toyota dealership (left) and a village at the bottom of a mountain (right).


An indoor dealership and another mountain picture.



Arrival at the location and the ticket booths.



Entrance/exit to the gardens is shown along the bottom of these pictures.  The entrance to the "museum" is to the left (left picture) and right of the crystal sculpture fountain (right).




Entrance to the gardens and a sculpture.



Part of the garden.



Fountain with entrances to either side.  Your ticket states which one to use.


Water shooting across the walk-way to catch unsuspecting guests.


















Various pictures from inside the "museum"




















Various pictures from the Crystal World and going back to Innsbruck Hbf.


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