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Munich, Germany

June 5, 2010 - Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial


Pictures from the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial:




Light-rail train station of Dachau.  Had to catch a bus from here (lower right) at the station to a stop at the Concentration Camp Memorial.



Visitor Center of the camp.  Contains information desk, cafe/restaurant, store, and bathrooms.




Information about the camp located on the walk to the camp from the visitor center.




Main gate area of the camp. One of two plaques honoring U.S. units - this one for the 20th Armored Division (left).  The words in German (right) on the gate states "work will set you free".












Left - The serious economic crisis exacerbated teh social disparity.  Conservative-authoritarian political forces used this to undermine the parliamentary system.  A lack of democratic consciousness and the inability of the Reichstag to form a majority resulted in the Reich Chancellor's being able, as of 1930, to govern on the basis of the Reich President's Emergency Decree.  This meant that parliament was largely excluded from the legislative process and from the change of government.  The state of emergency became the rule.  In both Reichstag elections of 1932, the NSDAP became the strongest party in parliament.  A group of army generals, heavy industrialists, and big landowners pressured the Reich President, Paul von Hindenburg, to appoint Adolph Hitler Reich Chancellor.  After Adolph Hitler became the head of government on January 30, 1933, the National Socialists established a dictatorship based on their ideas.

Right - Emergency degrees passed from 1930 to 1932:  5 in 1930, 44 in 1931, and 59 in 1932.




Prisoner baths and storage cabinet.



Daily routine of the prisoners - up at 4 AM and in bed at 9 PM.



Punishment table with drawing showing how it was used.



Memorial looking like burnt people (left) and model of the camp at its largest (right).



Entrance to the cinema for the film (left) and a memorial for murdered prisoners (right).




Food from the restaurant at the visitor center.  Worst and fries (top left), sphaghetti (right), and apple strudel (lower left).


Statues of prisoners.





Room of Remembrance (memorials).


A look back down the museum at the exhibits.



































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