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May 27, 2010 - Holiday Inn Berlin City - West


Pictures from the Holiday Inn Berlin City - West :

This was a two-room suite (room #447) with a sitting area and a king-size bed.  I was able to get it with priority points for the same amount as a regular room.

Main entrance area into the suite.  Enter the sitting area and the first bathroom is to the right of the door.






The bathroom off of the sitting area.



Storage in the sitting area.




Sitting area with its own television and a coach.



Doorway into the bedroom of the suite


This turned out to be a large room on its own.



The king size bed (two twins put together).




The other doorway into the bedroom from the hallway.





   Storage area in the bedroom.  Map of the hotel floor located inside the room.






Bathroom off of the bedroom.  This one had a couple of robes in it.  Very deep bathtub.




Parking lot in back of the hotel.  Windows would open if needed.



Bed stands with light switches and plugs in them.



Mini bar and more storage.




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