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Berlin, Germany

May 27, 2010 - Reichstag (Parliament)


Pictures from the Reichstag :


One of the original reliefs in the building.



Some original walls left with grafetti from Russian troops after they entered Berlin.



Our guide for the evening.



This was one of four gifts from the nations that occupied Germany after WWII.  This one was from the USA and would show famous speeches in different languages.



Looking up at the dome.




Various pictures looking at the parliamentry floor, the symbol of the Reichstag, and then up at the ceiling into the dome.



  Model of the Reichstag.


Waiting area with a piece of art.




Looking out of the front of the building.


A non-denomination room used by all faiths.  Sculptures are supposed to represent the different major faiths.  Others in the room that aren't in the picture.  The window faces Meccah.



Looking into the parliamentary chamber from the back behind the podium area.



This was another of the gifts from one of the other four nations - either France or England.  A box was there for every member of parliament from the beginning.  The black box in the middle represented the time during the Nazi party rule that the parliament was disbanded.





Inside the parlimentary chamber in one of the upstairs seating areas.  Notice the large groups on the other side; this was the people that waited in line for the general entry instead of being part of an arranged guided tour.


These pictures below are from walking around the roof area and going up and down the dome.  Each person was given an audio guide that provided a description of what was being seen while moving around the dome.


















The pictures below are from looking at the front of the building on ground level:




The pictures below are the office buildings adjacent to the Reichstag.  The office buildings holds the offices of the members of the Reichstag and their staffs.  Each member has exactly the same size office and staff so that none believe they are better than any other.




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