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Toronto, ON

October 10, 2011 - Toronto Zoo


Pictures from the Toronto Zoo:


Entrance to the Toronto Zoo.


Merry-Go-Round after entering the park.


Gift shop where we visited at the end of the day.


Animal statues as you head toward the area of the Kids Zoo, Splash Island, and Sharks & Stingray Bay exhibits.


Splash Island water park area which was closed.



Sharks and Stingray Bay special exhibit entrance.




People trying to pet the stingrays and small nurse sharks.

Exhibit of sharks.




Left the stingrays and sharks, and headed to the Kids Zoo.


Secretary Bird


Crested Seriema

Prairie Dog exhibit:



Notice the glass domes where people can crawl into to get a closer look.



Slinky Ferret.



Rabbit enclosure.



Blackbird exhibit.




Owl exhibit.




The next group of pictures are from the tram tour that goes around the zoo. 
















Left the tram tour and went to a bird show that was only held once that day.
























This bird picks up litter and deposits in the recycle bin.





























The bird kills the rubber snack against a rock.








End of the bird show.



Entrance to the Tundra Trek area.


Wooden copy of a skeleton of a Bowhead Whale.





Polar Bear exhibit.



Snowy Owl exhibit.



Tribal area exhibit.




Artic Fox exhibit.



Artic Wolf exhibit.






Playing around with the camera while resting for a couple of minutes.


Australian Pavillion.



Matschie's Tree Kangaroo.



Green-winged Doves.








Various birds inside the walk-through area.

Komodo Dragon.





More birds and some animals.



Signs to other areas.  The right-hand sign sends you down this very long hill, which you have to climb back up to get out of the area.


Nice foilage throughout the zoo.


Canada Lynx.






Grizzly Bear exhibit.

Carved statue of a grizzly.


Moose exhibit.




Giraffe exhibit.

Went back to the entrance area and went by the gift shop before leaving the zoo.


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