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Ottawa, ON

October 12, 2011 - Parliament Hill


Pictures from the Parliament Hill:


Pictures of the Centre Block of Parliament.  They had a large crane in front dueing some refurbishment.



West Block (left) and East Block (right) make up the rest of Parliament Hill major buildings.


One of the exhibits set up in the tour waiting area following the security checkpoint.


Ticket for our tour at 9:50 AM.



Some of the architecture and a statue inside.



Members of the tour listening to our guide.




More architecture in the main area of Centre Block called Confederation Hall.





The House of Commons chamber.  We could not enter it, so pictures were taken through glass in the door.





The Hall of Honour running between Library of Parliament and Confederation Hall.


Plague in the Hall of Honour describing the Act of Union for Canada.


Doorway to the Library of Congress.  We had to stay behind the blue rope until we were taken into the Library.  We could not take pictures inside, but it had a lot of elegant woodwork.  The Library was saved by the librarian from a fire in 1916 that destroyed the rest of the Centre Block.  His quick thinking of closing the main and only door to the library kept the fire out of it.


Hallway leading to the Senate chambers.




Senate foyer complete with a picture of the monarchs that have been in power since Canada was founded.  Queen Elizabeth's portrait.  The picture on the bottom left is the ceiling and each of the octagons have meaning concerning trade products or organizaitons of Canada.






We were able to go into the Senate chambers.  The thrones at the far end are for the Canadian monarch and her consort or for the federal viceroy and his or her consort.  They are also used by the sovereign or the governor general to give speeches or grant royal assent.



More ceiling architecture.











Various views of the city of Ottawa from the Peace Tower observation room.



A couple of exhibits in the Peace Tower.



Not sure what the symbology here is with having a gargolye other than honouring Victorian gothic style.



Waiting area for the Memorial Room in the Peace Tower.



Inside the Memorial Room.


Had trouble getting the right camera settings for this one.


Names of the Canadian fallen are listed on the walls or in books where their pages are turned daily.


Looking across the road from Parliament Hill at the Langevin Block next to the Information Centre.  This is where the Privy Council Office and the Office of the Prime Minister are located.



Some of the foliage surrounding Parliament Hill.


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