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October 13, 2011 - RCMP Musical Carousel Training Camp


Pictures from the RCMP Musical Carousel Training Camp:



Various exhibits and memorabilia.



Carriage used for special events.  The tour guide said that he happened to be escorting the carriage one day with Queen Elizabeth being picked up at a location.  At some point, he was to open the door and hand her a blanket, but the door wouldn't open.  The humidity had swollen it tight and they couldn't get it open, so he had to hand it to her through the window.  In another story, someone else had the door handle actually come off when they went to open the door.


Inside exercise area (left) and a room for working on the horses (right).


Different horseshoes for different types of terrain.



Tackle and harness room.



Horses in training are stabled in this row.  All horses have to meet physical requirements for height and weight.



Each of the horses have their own plaque with their name, parents, and year of birth.



Some of the horses on stalls.



One of the riders was taking a horse out for exercise and stopped to talk to the group.



A couple of the saddles that are used.


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