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Gatineau, QC

October 14, 2011 - Canadian Museum of Civilization


Pictures from the Canadian Museum of Civilization:


Entrance area of the museum.


Wanda got her picture with a Mountie.

The following are exhibits for the First Nation (native Indians):








Very detailed totems.


Masks from one of the tribes



Metal sculpture.



Watched a film on how one of the tribes hunt and kill seals.



Masks and other art work.


Sculpture of a canoe being rowed.



Some of the way they dressed for hunting or war.



A mock-up of an archaelogical site.

The First Peoples Hall:




Part of this hall went into the different stories that have been passed down through generations.



They had this listening station set up where people could sit and listen to various stories being told.




Arctic Whalers.




Exhibit on current activities that they are involved in.



Hunter killing walrus with knife.


Bus in the Children's Museum portion.  Seen through a window from the floor below.  Children can go on it, pretend to travel to various destinations, and get a passport stamped.


This murial ended the visit to the First Peoples Hall


Another sculpture in the museum.


Looking down at the entrance area of the museum.

This next part was a history of European Canadians.  We started on the modern end and went back in time.


Mock-up of a cafe in a small town.






This was an interesting exhibit on the Nishga Girl, a fishing vessel, and the families that were involved with it.  A video showed the immigrant family that made this boat and hundreds of other boats through the father's life.  It also showed the fisherman that bought it and the life he lived until he got too old and the money dried up due to various reasons.  The two families got together for the dedication of the boat to the museum.

Frontier living.


School in a frontier community.


Laundry and their living area.



A couple of stores.


A Catholic church.


Mill and garage.

Movie on frontier living.



Back into the 1800's.

And into the 1700's.



 The Apothecary (ca. 1750)

Into the late 1500's:



Ending with the Vikings having reached Canada around 1,000 AD.


This should have been where we entered.

The National Gallery across the Ottawa River.

A Postal Museum:


Entrance and various official mailboxes.

Delivery vehicle.





Various mailboxes on display.


A collection of the stamps Canada has issued through the years.


A picture made up of Canadian stamps.

The motto of the Postal Service in Canada.


Various displays on mail processing.

Transportation of mail through the years:


By ship and by sled.


By stagecoach.

This set of exhibits was on famous people of Canada.











Saint Joseph's Oratory.



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