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October 18, 2011 - Montmorency Falls


Pictures from the Montmorency Falls:

Note:  somewhere at this location taking pictures, a speck of dirt or something seems to have gotten on the lens.



One of the easier and quicker ways to get to the top of the falls.  This is also the lower area gift store and you pay for the cable car there.





Pictures of the falls from a walkway along the water in back of the gift shop area.





This set of stairs is a way to walk/climb to the top of the stairs for free.

Manoir Montmerency - used as a restaurant now and where the upper level parking is located.




Bridge spanning the falls as seen from the bottom.





Powerful falls.

Pictures from within the cable car as I was going up to the top.  They have some glare from the windows.















The platform seen under the bridge is part of the boardwalk I walked along and took pictures from after I got up to the top.


At the top of the falls now.



Looking down to where I started from.



Could see a lot of the area.

Walked over to a board walk area and went along it to the falls.  Not quite along the top.








Views were great from here.






Some of the waste has accumulated at the bottom.




Looking down at the steps on the other side of the river.



Another view of the lower gift shop.




Views from the boardwalk area of the surrounding area.




Closer look at the bridge spanning the falls from the boardwalk area.  Had to climb wooden steps to get up to the top.



Views from the bridge area.


Have no idea what this says.




Going across the bridge.  Then I walked back and headed back to the Manoir Montmorency.



The walk back along the top of the cliff.



Fountain and the cable car building in front of the manor.



Manoir Montmorency - very elegant.












The last set was taken as I was going back down the cable car to the bottom.


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