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October 19, 2011 - Citadel


Pictures from the Citadel:


Only entrance to the citadel.  Guard station is located to the left in the wall as you enter the opening.  The visitor entrance to the gift store and tour waiting area is to the left just before the guard station.



A model of the Citadel.




Pictures from the tour waiting area that is roped off on the outside of the gift shop.





View from the parade grounds.



Our tour guide giving some historical background of the Citadel.  She described why it was built and the ramifications for the US and Canada.



A non-working Sherman tank on display.



Part of the tour is to go in the old storage area for the ammunition and powder.







Some of the displays in the storage building.



More weapons on display.

We went up on one of the Citadel walls.




Used for protecting the river and harbor area.  Also used to clear ice from the river.







Off the wall now and continuing the tour.  The gun pointing up is the only working gun left in the Citadel.  The shoot it off at specific times of the day now.  It is an old tradition that was used to help the boats sync their clocks to the official time of day.




22nd Regiment headquarters.  Still an active troop that occupys the Citadel.  However, many were off on assignment.






Views from the other side of the Citadel, on top of that wall.  The large building is the Fairmont hotel being refurbished.

Next set is inside another museum building:


Unit insignia and knives/daggers.



An award given to their unit for action taken.




Going back to the gift store area.



Memorial for World War I - action of Vimy Ridge.



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