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Quebec City, QC

October 20, 2011 - Aquarium du Quebec


Pictures from the Aquarium du Quebec:


Entrance to the aquarium.  The entrance is through a gift store.



After paying for admission you exit the other side of the building (below) and see this open area with various sculptures in it.


This is the acutal aquarium building you enter.  The walk from the entrance building to this was quite windy and chilly that day.  Going back out, it was raining also.




Entrance area of the aquarium building.  A bistro was located to the left and there was decorations for a Halloween event they had planned.










Spotted Wolffish (left).



One of the shows was feeding the walruses:








The group is a high school that was visiting the same day we were.  It had started sprinkling by now, with the wind still blowing strong and cold.



A couple of the other buildings at the complex.





The polar bear enclosure.


Owl enclosures.



Snowy owl (left) and European Eagle Owl (right).




Sealion enclosure and stage area.  No shows the day we visited.





Walk-through tank.




Touch pool area.




Anemone exhibit.




Exhibit on working with aquarium fish and animals completed with jelly fish.


Saw a movie on penguins (in French).



Sea turtle display (fake turtle).



Tree frog display.




The top of the walk-through tank.





Various saltwater fish.


Another jelly fish display.

Then we went to the second show of the day, this one with seals.  Cold, raining, and windy.













By the end of the show, she had two and then three of the seals jumping at the same time.





Arctic Fox display.



Looking down from the third floor in the aquarium.


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