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Waterbury, VT

October 21, 2011 - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory


Pictures from the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory:

Get your picture taken.


Lower parking area.  Should have went up to the upper one that is the same level as the factory.



An office building - quite colorful paint on the building and lawn chairs.


This way to the tour and ice cream.



All cows need there own motorhome.


Some of the surrounding views of the area.



The ice cream store is on the outside under the canopy.  Entrance to the tours and gift shop.


Different flavors being produced.


Original VW van that Ben & Jerry took their first selling tour in.



Gift store area.



Another movie in a small theater.


Our tour guide telling the rules and when not to take pictures.



Time for the samples.



Wall decorations.


Back to the tour waiting area.



Entrance to the flavor graveyard.




Some of the gravestones have been fandalized.




Overview of the flavor graveyard.




More surrounding views.  The building is the ice cream factory from the graveyard area.


A sign in the upper parking lot.


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