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Niagara Falls, Ontario

October 7, 2011 - Niagara Falls Canada


Pictures from Niagara Falls Canada:

Scenes from the parking lot at Table Rock Visitor Center on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  See the mist rising up over the buildings from the falls.




Incline Railway going up from the visitor center area to the hotels and other businesses at the top of the hill.





Looking at Horseshoe Falls from the patio area of the visitor area.  Everything is soaked from the constant mist.




Looking at the American Falls from the patio area of the visitor center.




Area of the whirlpool rapids with the aero car (red) seen in the second picture before heading over the rapids.


Old power plant.


Niagara Parks Floral Clock - actually works and is created from 16,000 plants.  It chimes each quarter of an hour.


The next set of pictures are from the Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory.  This garden is maintained by the School of Horticulture from the University of Toronto.




A hand grasping a tree.



Okay, forgot and let Wanda use the camera again.



Approaching the Butterfly Conservatory (big glass building).



Halloween decorations outside the entrance to the Butterfly Conservatory.



Entry area of the consevatory before heading inside the glass area with the butterflies.































Various of the over 2,000 butterfiles from 60 different species that exist in the conservatory.


Wanda had a friend for a while.



Poison frog exhibit.






Foliage and garden scenery at the Botanical Gardens.  We didn't spend a lot of time at the gardens outside of the Butterfly Conservatory.

Next group of pictures is from a shopping area that the shuttle bus stopped at.  We decided to get lunch.




Included a Hershey store, a Coca-Cola store, and a Hard Rock Cafe.


Seeing the American Falls from a shopping area.

Back at Table Rock Visitor Center with another rainbow to send us on our way to Toronto.



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