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Toronto, ON

October 8, 2011 - Royal Ontario Museum


Pictures from the Royal Ontario Museum:


The front of the Royal Ontario Museum.


The main entry area of the museum.


This first area is on Asian artifacts:








Clay dog, circa 206 BC -220 AC, dynasty Han



The earthanware horse is from Tang dynasty, circa 715-760.



Various items from the different countries in Asia.

Going into other areas of the museum.






Painting of Table Rock in Niagara, 1850, by Hippolyte Victor Valentin Sebron a French-born American painter.




Krysalis sofa designed by Karim Rashid, a Canadian designer, 2007.



First Nations exhibit - this is the Indian tribes originally living in the area before European immigrants arrived.



Skeleton of a canoe.




Completed canoe and building an ice house.


Coats and a hood for a horse.

Took a picture of a film being shown of a seal hunt by the native population from the 1940s.




This next group of 6 pictures are together.




Telling stories using a fur.



Freight canoe.


Big totem pole inside a staircase.





Various animals and bugs on display.


Museum of Palaeontology:

Fishtail gypsum.



Star of Lanka.




Canyon Diablo meteorite from Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA.



They have various skeletons throughout several floors.



Coffins from Africa as seen on Amazing Race.




Tree, cow, birds, lion, pig and gecko by Nankusia Shyam from Madhya, Pradesh, India, 2002


Looking down from a balcony area into another part of the museum.


Ancient Greek Coins.



Model of the Acropolis of Athens.




Medieval armor and weapons.



Soccer exhibit.



Metalwork exhibit.



Stained glass exhibit.


Bowl exhibit.



Fabric exhibit.


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